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Member of the
Ecumenical Catholic Communion


Mass is celebrated at 5:00 pm on Saturday evenings.

Once a month, we celebrate a family mass, focused on involving our children in worship.

Periodically, we celebrate a contemplative mass.

We follow the Catholic Liturgical Calendar.
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2/10/18 (audio)

2/3/18 (audio)




Father Paul Burson (right) was our first pastor and is a former Vincentian priest. Kae (center) began as a lay associate while husband Greg has inspired us with his music. Mother Kae was ordained to the diaconate in October 2005 and was ordained a priest in 2006 by Presiding Bishop Peter Hickman, ECC. Father Len Schreiner is a former Capuchin priest and was incardinated into the ECC in 2004. Kae was called as pastor in 2009, and we remain blessed with three priests to serve and guide our community. Deacon Buddy Fricke (shown separately with wife Stephanie) was incardinated in 2016.


Bulletin 2/17/18

we offer

A home for your Catholic heart

Celebration of the rich liturgy of the Catholic Church


Open arms for those who are divorced, remarried, gay, and lesbian

Ordination for those called to minister to the community, men and women, celibate, single, and married



Our communion table is open to all baptized Christians

We follow our conscience and Christian teaching without guilt

We act for justice in our community, our nation, our church, and our world