COB supports these projects that help those in need along the Front Range

rice and beans

Every day, we hear about or know people who are having a difficult time putting food on the table. Summer, especially, is tricky because school breakfasts and lunches are not available for children in our communities. We can make a difference. Quarterly, we repackage bulk rice and beans into one-pound bags for distribution to area food banks. In a typical year, we package hundreds (even a thousand) pounds of beans and rice.

Socks and Stockings

Socks for Stockings! For our Advent 2015 Outreach, the community gathered over 725 pairs of socks to warm the feet of men, women, boys, girls and toddlers in need. The socks were delivered before Christmas to Communities of Faith, Cold Weather Care, Samaritan House, United with Migrants, Growing Home and Joshua Station.


Church of the Beloved is a "tithing community": Ten percent of our offerings are returned to our sisters and brothers in need. In the first quarter of this year, organizations to which we contributed:

senior hub

It is so easy to take our abilities for granted as we go about our business every day. In the spring, we take time to recognize that many of the elderly in our community struggle to keep up with major/periodic tasks... and we step in to help with spring cleaning projects. We work with Senior Hub to do basic yard work, house cleaning, and other annual tasks.

Shiloh House

Shiloh House offers specializes 24-hour care for youth between the ages of 5 to 18 experiencing severe behavioral and emotional issues. Placed in home-like settings, youth receive intensive therapeutic intervention to address behaviors and issues that impact their daily participation in the community.
Growing Home, began in 1998 as the Adams County Interfaith Hospitality Network, a community based shelter serving 30 families per year. They developed programming over the years based on research and observation to better serve the needs of low-income families. Growing Home provides dual-generation services to families with children, working alongside the community to break the cycle of generational poverty.

growing home

COB's Prayer Shawl Ministry mission is to share our prayers and creativity in order to reach out to those within the Church of the Beloved community and beyond, who are in need of God's Love, strength and comforting during times of illness, loss or occasions of Sacramental celebrations. We knit, crochet or sew prayer shawls and blankets in order to combine the healing power of prayer with the healing ministry of touch and caring for others during the stress and joy-filled moments in their lives.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Childrens Christmas

Our community embraced the recommendation of our social justice community to "adopt" children of migrant workers identified through Sr. Molly's work near Brighton. Over 50 children and youth will receive gifts provided by generous and caring community members.
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